Spotlight: Mid-Year Impact Report 

In the first half of the year, Adopt-a-School partnerships are making a real impact on DCPS students and families.  Read highlights below and the full Mid-Year Impact Report here INSERT PDF. 

Year 2 (SY16-17): Who is in the Program?
  • 47 Adopt-a-School partnerships exist in all 8 wards, across grades PreK-12
  • 43 Schools participate in the Program, with some schools hosting multiple partners
  • 38 Partners participate in the Program, with some partners working with multiple schools
  • 10+ Industries are represented in our existing partnerships (including banks, corporations, churches, community based organizations, foundations, and more)

Partnership Activities: 92 completed
(75% of annual goal met)
The most common types of activities completed include:
  • 23 family and community support, focused volunteering
  • 14 academic/classroom support related activities
  • 9 sports, health and wellness themed engagements
"The partnership connects our organization with the community we serve through necessary person to person contact.  We share our mission, message and available services to teachers, students and parents of the Burroughs community." Cory Chimka, Account Manager, D.C. Sustainable Energy Utility

D.C. Sustainable Energy Utility prepares for Garden Day with Burroughs ES students.

Malcolm X.jpg

Students and families from Malcolm X ES pose for pictures during John Wall Family Foundation Thanksgiving turkey giveaway.

Donation Efforts: 59 completed
(98% of annual goal met)
The 3 most common types of donation efforts completed by partnerships:
  • 23% of donations were tickets to  performances, sporting events, etc.
  • 20% of donations were uniform, clothing, and equipment items
  • 16% of donations were catering and food related
"The John Wall Family Foundation has provided a chance for our school to come together as a family and enjoy activities that would not have been possible otherwise.  Additionally, they have been working with us not only event wise but also helping by offering teachers/staff support with pushing our students academically." Zara Berry-Young, Principal, Malcolm X Elementary School

Students, Families, Staff served: 10,000+
  • 85% Mid-Year survey respondents strongly agree/agree that their partnership has a positive impact on the school community/organization.
  • 92% Mid-Year survey respondents strongly agree/agree that they would recommend the Adopt-a-School Program to other schools/organizations.
"Lightbox's partnership with Seaton is very important because it gives us the chance to give back.  As solar energy consultants, we work with DCPS externallyl this partnership gives us the chance to work with DCPS internally [and] we not only get a chance to have fun, but we are helping students learn how to make good choices for the enviornment." Paul Lanning, Managing Director, Lightbox Energy
Thank you not from Seaton ES students to Lightbox Energy for their hands-on recycling lesson.

Visit our resource page to read up on what our partnerships have planned for the remainder of the school year!

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