Program Announcements


Deadlines and Reminders

The School Partnerships Division is happy to welcome your partnership back for a 3rd year of the Adopt-a-School Program!  Looking ahead to the 2017-2018 school year, I am excited to share a few programmatic updates we’ve introduced based on your feedback, best practices we’ve seen across partnerships, and the activities we prioritize as a District to drive student achievement.  These programmatic shifts are effective as of July 1, 2017 and are outlined in additional detail below. 

Start partnership activities in the summer: Partnership activities will begin in July rather than October to support schools during the critical back to school time frame.
Contact your partner/school today to discuss how you can partner to meet start of school needs. Activities should be completed between July 1st-October 5th.
Focus on family engagement: at least 1 of the 3 partnerships activities will focus on supporting schools around their strategic family engagement priorities. (E.g. back to school events, first day celebrations, count day activities).

Schools start brainstorming your year-round plans for family engagement and ways that partners can help.
Decreased reporting requirements: Reporting requirements have been reduced to 2-3 reports per year. Keep us posted on your plans by inviting to activities.

What's new in the Adopt-a-School Program Next Year?

The changes shared above are outlined in additional detail below:

1.       Start partnership activities in the summer: The time leading up to and immediately following the first day of school is an important time for setting students and schools up for a year of success.  What we’ve learned from all of you is that partners can play a key role in supporting schools during this time by helping to staff community block parties, volunteering for school beautification days, or donating school supplies.  Many of you already do this in your partnerships now we are formalizing that practice. 

2.       Supporting school-based family engagement priorities:  What we’ve observed from your success to date is that when partnerships align their support to addressing key school priorities they are able to see their impact in unique ways.  We know that family engagement is a key component of student success and a top priority for every school.  By having partners focus 1 of their 3 required activities on family engagement we expect to see partnerships have a more direct impact on student success and further integrate into the larger school community.

3.       Reduced reporting requirements (but keep us informed!):  We’ve heard your feedback and we’re listening!  In school year 17-18 we will limit the number of required reports to just 2-3; at the start of the school year (Oct), in the middle of the school year (Jan/Feb) and end of year (May/June).  While you will not be expected to report out after every activity, you are still expected to invite to all of your partnership activities in advance.  You should still expect to hear from SPD with questions about upcoming events and activities.