I am a Potential Partner


Program Requirements

  • Designate 2 people from the school and partner to serve as the Program Liaison to lead efforts throughout the year.

  • Jointly submit a partnership plan in the Summer.

  • The partner supports or hosts at least 3 school-based activities and 1 donation to support the school community.

  • The school and partner attend two district-wide meetings. The Adopt-a-School Launch Kickoff Event(July 31st) and End of Year Celebration(TBD).

  • The school and partner must complete mid and end of year surveys.

Join Now!

Step 1: Review the DCPS schools participating in SY19-20 Adopt-a-School Program.
Step 2: Complete partner application. Applications are currently closed for SY2019-2020.


Each year, a limited number of schools opt to join the Adopt-a-School Program. Partners will be able to review profiles of participating schools and rank their top 5 preferences for potential school matches. DCPS will then match organizations with school based off partners preference and alignment with school goals. School leaders will have the final approval of any partnership proposed for their school.

If you are interested in applying after the deadline, contact the School Partnerships Division directly to learn more about partnership opportunities at DCPS. Email adoptaschool@dc.gov today!